The nonpareil nutritional value of olive oil has been proved scientifically, through absolutely documented researches.

The Cretan olive oil, since the Minoan peoples’ times, constitutes a vital ingredient of Cretan nutrition, which has been the epitome of healthy diet globally.

In 2011, by the initiative of nine bodies in Crete, the “Cretan Olive oil Network” came into existence, having as its primary goal to project the historical, social, environmental and culture-related importance of olive products and mainly of olive oil, so that its beneficial merits become widely known, and so that its consumption is increased, both in Greece and abroad.

For the realization of this goal, we have united our powers and our ambition is to render the Cretan olive oil the best ambassador of Crete in the rest of the world.

Fragakis Emmanouel - President of Cretan Olive oil Network
After the harvest of the olive from the olive grove, the olive is being transferred to the oil press, from which it goes through several phases, so that the procedure of the receiving of the oil can begin. The beginning of the procedure starts with the passing of the fruit from special cleaning machines for the leaves, and washing.

The cleaning from the leaves is being done by an automatic machine which removes leaves. This step is necessary because a large amount of leaves when it is being grinded with the fruit of the olive it gives olive oil a bitter taste and a large amount of chlorophyll (green color) which does not help in the preservation of its quality.

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